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My instructor remained very positive throughout my learning which boosted my confidence and improved my driving. My friends told me I would be fed up by the end of my learning but they were wrong. The enthusiasm with which I was taught meant I didn't lose interest and always wanted to get behind the wheel to practice. I would definitely recommend The Right Direction driving school for the experience and the help they have given me.

Daniel Donnelly

The driving instructor I was assigned from TRD was just great. He was extremely patient with me in every single lesson and would always keep me very positive. His experience is par none, and passes on this confidence to his pupil. The job that I have means that I have to work away from home frequently, and he was extremely considerate of this and helped me create a lesson schedule to suit me, but would also mean that I advanced at a good rate. I would certainly recommend this driving school to anyone who is looking for an experienced, patient and extremely competent instructor.

Mariam Thomas, Business Development Coordinator

I started learning to drive with a week long intensive course, which was a disastrously bad idea, and failed me my first test. When I came home I looked up TRD Driving School because I wanted a fully qualified instructor who would get rid of the bad habits the intensive course had instilled in me.

The instructor TRD assigned me was brilliant, as well as being calm and professional, he was strict enough that by the time I took my test the butterflies were at a minimum and I was confident I would pass…and I did. I would without question recommend TRD Driving School to anyone of my friends and family, and indeed anyone who comes across this website.

Dan Staniforth


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